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Hello from Mrs. Cornell!

Welcome to the Business Education Class page! No matter what the profession, it always deals with business skills like: communication, ethics or technology.
Who is Mrs. Cornell: Mom, Nana, Teacher, Student to name a few of my titles
My background: Business Management (Developing, Educating & Motivating)
Core Values: Respect, Fairness, Honesty
My expectations: Be respectful to others, complete your own work, stay on track, do not whine and be open-minded to learning new things!
Classes offered in Business Department:
Keyboarding & Formatting (7th Graders)
Computer Applications and Concepts (8th Graders)
Business Concepts (9th Graders)
Accounting I & II
Business Management (Q 1&2)
Business Law (Q 3&4) 
Computer Programming I & II


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Adviser
- Registered Student Organization (RSO) open to High School Students